The Great Kabab Factory@Radisson Blu, City Centre, Chennai

The Great Kabab Factory

@Radisson Blu, City Centre, Chennai

This is Team FCBA’s 4th review of 3rd Radisson Blu hotel, after Ludhiana & Noida.

I am a big fan of kebabs and tandoori items. The Great Kabab Factory is the excellent place in Chennai to have kababs and full meal. Most efficient kebab joints in city and serving really kebabs from original recipe from the its originates rather not like other places just marination and cooked. Non spicy and cooked to perfection!  Every starter they served was introduced to you whether you get it or not. The service is superb and every kabab they serve is explained before they put it on the plate. Really Good. The servers are special as  the way they explain the menu, kitchen and about their restaurant.
I really loved the apron and concept of separate kitchen for Veg and Non veg, I believe this separate kitchen concept is something you will rarely find in elite places. As the name goes both service and ambiance was top notch.
Widespread items for appetizers, limited and thoughtfully selected main course and desserts.

The non veg appetizer menu had 2 Chicken, 2 Lamb, 1 fish, 1 prawn items the veg had Paneer, Pineapple, Potato. The black daal in the main course was outstanding. Best place in Chennai to have your North Indian food.


Special thanks to:

Mohammad Halim-Chef- de -cuisine,

Mr. Manoj Kumar Mishra-Astt. Food & Beverage Manager,

Mr. Bala-the server & all others.

Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended


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