Paprika restaurant@Courtyard Marriott, Chennai.

Paprika restaurant

@Courtyard Marriott, Chennai.

Bad food……..

On 21st August, 2016, I visited the Paprika restaurant @Courtyard Marriott,  Chennai, expecting high standards in food; ambiance; hospitality etc. , as per the Marriott class, but alas it was one of the worst dining experience ever, at any of the restaurants in Marriott. Team FCBA had covered/ reviewed  many restaurants in Ritz Carlton; JW Marriott; Marriott; Courtyard & appreciated their food quality and standards  but Courtyard Marriott Chennai food was really bad. Nothing was there to write about , except showing pictures of ‘burnt lachha parantha’.

Team FCBA would like to share, some of the lame excuses of the hotels and restaurants, to avoid review:

1 Our Executive chef is on leave,

2 Restaurant is under renovation,

3 New menu is being prepared, will call you,

4 Will take permission, from our head office,

5 & finally-Not interested in the review


But when you visit the restaurant as a common diner/ customer, their shortcomings in  food; ambiance; hospitality etc. are quite visible and evident and the management looks the other way.


In this restaurant, they tried every trick in the trade to avoid my visit to the restaurant for the review but when I insisted to visit as a regular guest, I found out the following:


1       No welcome to any guest,

2       Un interested staff,

3       No sight of Chef in charge,

4       The servers were sleep walking;

5       And all above FOOD, really bad.


Don’t take Team FCBA for granted, they are the bridge between the regular diners and the management and their one point agenda, is to highlight good restaurants, serving authentic-delicious food.


Rating: Sorry no rating


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