The Disgruntled Chef,SINGAPORE

The Disgruntled Chef

@The Club Hotel,  28 Ang Siang Road, SINGAPORE


The Disgruntled Chef, is the second baby of the not so disgruntled Chef  Daniel Sia, Singapore’s celebrity Chef, after the huge success at Demsey Road outlet.

Attention :  all travelers to Singapore and some native Singap0reans, if you are looking for genuine/ authentic modern European food, this is the place. The Best European Food  . Opening within the revamped The Club Hotel along Ann Siang Hill, “The Disgruntled Chef “at Ann Siang offers a chic, sexy fine dining experience and a relatively different menu from its original Dempsey outlet. Restaurant. This modern European restaurant has a more grown-up feel that focuses on seasonal ingredients in a fine dining setting. Everything from the forest green leather banquettes, mirrored walls and textured space screams understated opulence, but the menu is still the star of the show.  Each dish in the menu is to die for. I am sorry I can’t pick up any particular dish. Here are the most famous and best fishes:

Chef Sia’s signature bone marrow cooked in ash-burnt leeks, beautiful beef short ribs served in spicy kimchi mayonnaise, a memorable burnt onion charcoal bread that comes with fish floss and cream cheese foam, an excellent wagyu beef carpaccio topped with cep puree, egg yolk confit and crispy shallots, as well as the luxurious Maine lobster and chicken pot roast paired with fried quail eggs.

The list is endless. Each and every dish is to die for, like: Truffle Brioche , served warm with a fluffy texture and surprise coins of nori butter. For the mains, opt for either the indulgent Maine Lobster and Chicken Pot Roast or the uber tender Korean-inspired Crispy Beef Short Ribs. The Chargrilled Smoked Ribeye is tender and juicy, the Crackling Suckling Pig is crisp to perfection, and the Cannon of Welsh Lamb is masterfully created with leek ash, stuffed onion, submerged in a saffron tomato soubise. Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, Seared Sea Scallops, Tomato & Watermelon Tartare, Chargrilled Smoked Ribeye, Crackling Suckiling Pig, Cannon of Welsh Lamb………..

End off the experience with their Chocolate Croquette with Coffee Jelly and be surprised by the burst of oozy chocolate sauce as you bite into the fried croquette! Yummy.

You need multiple visit to this restaurant to taste and relish the culinary skills of the chef.


Special thanks to my dear friend, Ms. Adeline Ang, Marketing Manager, for her excellent hospitality. She is an asset for this restaurant and has a great future ahead.

Highly Recommended

Rating: 5/5


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