Punjab Grill Marina Bay Sands, SINGAPORE

Punjab Grill

Marina Bay Sands, SINGAPORE

The King of North West Frontier food.

The one of the most important reason to visit this restaurant is due to Corporate Chef Javed Ahamad, probably Asia’s leading chef. To call him a chef is not enough, actually he is a magician with the food. Great salute.

Dear friends wherever you stay in Singapore I would recommend to visit Punjab Grill for its mouth watering delicacies and starters and you can also have a glimpse of the Marina Bay Sands the most appreciated destination in Hotels as on date in Singapore.

Punjab Grill Singapore is by far the best Indian dining space in Singapore. We went there during our recent trip to Singapore and I was blown away from the array of beautiful articulated plates and orchestrated service . The staff made sure I received appropriate attention and privacy.

This restaurant has the best Indian food I have ever eaten in a restaurant. But this only based on the things that I ordered. Firstly, the service at Punjab Grill is A1. The concept of the waiter serving out the food and constantly checking on the customer is exceptional.

Please go through the pictorial journey, of this restaurant dishes, I ordered. I just covered around 20% of the dishes and they all were the best in the world.

Chef Javed is a charismatic personality , who is very passionate about his  culinary skills and always strives for the best.


Must visit. Highly recommended.

Rating 5/5



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