Barbeque Nation, Atrium Mall, Worli, Mumbai

Barbeque Nation,

Atrium Mall, Worli, Mumbai


Great food, excellent location…….  

If you  have not yet come across any restaurant giving so much in return, or is there any one with such unique theme, based on barbeque, then Barbeque Nation’s worli, mumbai outlet (or any other outlet of BBQN) is the answer. The whole idea is to spend three hours with them n they will ensure ur tummy is full n taste buds gets tired of functioning. There is so much diners at this outlet that you have to book your table in advance.

 All the Barbeque Nation outlets are designed in such a manner that, their tables are specially equipped to set skewers .At the centre of te table there left hollow place where they can fix wooden boxes with charcoals . So that u get those smoky barbecues .Those eating veg has to give green signals n those eating nonveg, brown signals with the tiny flags on tables.


Once set , you are bombarded OH served with tasty varieties of barbeque. It will include fish , prawns, meat n chicken in nonveg n paneer ,mushrooms, flowerets, potato n other varieties mixed with fruits like pineapples n Cherries if veg.All these will be ongoing while u chat n eat , till u pull down the flags. The serving ensures that you get your spice level right.  Once done with starters you may check around at buffet for main course, which I am sure you wont require, after the n number of starters etc. They really serve almost everything that u can try. Post that they have different corner for number of deserts , ice creams n kulfies, which are a rage in itself ,like pan kulfi and others.


Special thanks to:


Ms. Vandita Mahajan, Head of the Sales & Marketing,

Executive Chef Kuldeep Singh,one of the senior most  chef,

Mr. Pankaj Kumar-The Manager,

Mr. Sartaj, Sr. GSA & others


Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended


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