Seven Kitchens, St Regis, Mumbai

Seven Kitchens,

St Regis, Mumbai.

Great Hotel, Average food, below average staff.

Dear Diners can you imagine a restaurant in a posh hotel, selling lunch buffet @ Rs. 1200/- only, instead of listed price of around 2300/-, just to woo the customers?

Seven Kitchens @ St Regis,  is very ordinary restaurant. Despite situated  inside the famed St Regis hotel but failed to provide WOW factor with the diners. The food is pretty ordinary, comparable with any normal restaurant. The servers are non friendly and chefs manning the counters in the Seven kitchens are not upto the standards of Marriott group. They are not at ease with the customers and did not bothered to interact with them, to know the feedback about the quality and taste of the food.  Their attitude reflects,  that they have become bigger than the brand Marriott  and customer is nothing. This trend is very disturbing because the, restaurants in the Marriott group are known for top class food; excellent service and above all WOW factor.


 Overall very average place for the premium restaurant, it commands in terms of location, brand and price. It does have a good spread of dishes but none of them awed me. All of them tasted ok and there was nothing extraordinary about them. Maybe the hype that this restaurant is created is only because of its plush location and service. The management of the Marriott group should consider, the immediate need of changing the entire team of culinary staff, right from the director to the commis, to make sure the excellent quality of the food & the services, expected of Marriott standards.

Rating: 2.5/5

Not recommended


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