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Barbeque Nation’s : Pitampura
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 Although, we have been to various outlets of BBQ, but this outlet at Pitam Pira (Netaji Subhash Place), New Delhi, was the best experience of bbq nation and we are more than happy to share this dining experience with all of you. We attended the special food festival, called MOHAMMED ALI ROAD FOOD FESTIVAL.
This season, Barbeque Nation brings Mumbai’s famous street food to Barbeque Nation with the ‘Magic of Mohammed Ali Road’. Savor the flavors of Mohammad Ali Road as Barbeque Nation re-creates Mumbai’s famous street foods at all outlets.
Indulge your senses in the ambiance, fragrance, sights and sounds of Mohammed Ali Road. Signature dishes include classics such as Tandoori Bater Mussallam– quail cooked in an oven and garnished with lemon and onion rings; and Chicken Chatpata– slightly saucy spicy chicken, flavored with soy sauce and green onions.
Tuck into plate of Zam Zam Pulao– a rice dish that consists of chicken, mutton, mixed vegetables and nuts; or gorge on Mutton Khichda– a rich, meaty stew. The rustic street flavors in all the dishes from this scrumptious feast are carefully re-created by Barbeque Nation chefs.
 The highlights of the festival are the live-counters and rehri-carts, where dishes like Mutton Seek Kababs served with warm pav; Patthar Ke Kabab – succulent mutton and paneer cooked on a Ladi stone; and Raan e Gosht – tender pieces of mutton in a sumptuous gravy delicately perfumed with spices will cooked in traditional style. Customers can bask in the aroma of marinated, skewered meat sizzling over hot grills and tawas. They can also sample the piping hot Malpua swimming in hot oil, another traditional sweet from Mohammed Ali Road. The dessert section is packed with beautiful arrays of treats such as Badsah Falooda, Sahi Khaza, Malpua, Aflatoonh that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.
The service is excellent. There will always be someone available to attend you. The best thing after the service is their starters. You’ve got a wide variety of dishes both veg n non veg which are delicious and you’re also offered one complimentary drink per person. You won’t get your hands on the mains as the starters themselves are way too sufficient for a happy tummy.
This festival will add another feather to the BBQ’s culinary hat.
Special thanks to Mr. Tauseef Ahmadm both the chefs and all the staff , for their excellent hospitality.
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