TITO’S: Baga Beach, GOA.

TITO’S: Where else?

Baga Beach, GOA.


This is the must visit place if you are in GOA. Tito’s is advertised everywhere in Goa. It has a perfect catch line: TITO’S-where else?. Place situated Right in front of BAGA Beach, is a place to just go crazy. They organize different themed party every night. you can have a romantic walk on the Beach after the madness inside which will give a new realization to your life.


The amazing thing about Tito’s is the setting. Right next to Baga beach, The Titto’s lane is buzzing with activity even during the low season of monsoons. The seating is really great with really nice decors. The place is huge by Goa standards and well spread out. This was coupled with live entertainment (fire show) and band which was quite impressive. The staff was very attentive and hospitable.

Food was excellent and menu was varied enough to satisfy multiple palates. The food is very well made and tasty, the right amount of spice and cooking to make you enjoy the stuff you have. the prawns were perfectly marinated coated and fried leaving the succulent sweet prawn. The fish fingers were just that fish fingers, rolled in crumbs and fried well, very tasty. The prepare food according to the customer’s choice; mild; spicy; hot etc. and the final product is just the right, the way you wanted but the prices were higher than many places. Perfect taste and great menu.


If you plan a visit to the Discotheque, you need to book well in advance as during peak season there will be a mad rush. The parking must be improved as the bikers tend to block the road. The dance floor is small and may need to be enlarged based on the influx and rise of clientele. The place has excellent Music and the acoustics are good, they deliver what they promise, the space is a little cramped though.
Finally – I would definitely recommend a must visit for dinner here during the weekends as it is a great experience.

Rating: 4/5


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