Delhi 6’s Best Nashta

Team FCBA after a long time , visited and reviewed one of the oldest but little known shops known for the best Poori Chhole with kofta. Although we all avoid fried items and carbs, it is difficult to beat our love for fried items for breakfast, especially THE Poori Chhole.  Although there are many joints/ shops/ restaurants  all across selling Kachori, Bhature Chhole, Poor Chhole, Pakoda but presference for Poori Chhole remains no.1.

Kamal Sweets at Mandir wali gali, Pahari Dheeraj, Sadar Bazar, Delhi-6 is the small but most popular shop famous for its hot crispy flaky poori served with spicy safed chane  along with masala kofta. Taste beyond words. No comparison, believe me.

People from far flung areas visit this joint for an unmatched treat. The only joint which also gives non-fried poori and dough for packing if you want to take home to be fried lates on. Kamal sweets is the sixth generation old venture. To me it is the one of the finest crispy flaky atta poori chhole. Caution : early bird catches the worm and early hungry soul gets the poori chhole  for sure.


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