Old Delhi’s Food trail

Old Delhi’s Food trail.

3rd and concluding episode.

Kake di Hatti,

If you are looking for the most delicious and sumpous stuffef tandoori parantha, in whole of the Old Delhi area, this is the place. Once you are here, you will become die hard fan of this dhaba. Will forget Paranthe wali gali, where they serve paranthas, well drenched in oil bcoz they deep fry their parantha. Once parantha us deep fried, then it becomes a sort of big poori not parantha but at the Kake di Hatti,  tandoori parantha/ Naan is served. Superb vegetarian curries, raita & daal in a low profile restaurant with an ‘airconditioned section’ for families.. Their paranthas are very mamoth and one parantha is more than enough for day. All sorts of filling available for the paranthas. (Check enclosed menu)

Location: Besides Giannis Faluda, Fatehputi Maszid, Chandni Chowk, Delhi


Gianni di Hatti,

Rabri Faluda, Shakes & more…

Near Fatehpuri Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

This is the ultimate place for Rabri Faluda, Chole Bhature, Lassi, Mango Shake, Rajma Chawal, Kulfi Faluda, Gajar Ka Halwa etc. I have a regular visitor to this place for years only to have a Rabri Faluda. Had their shakes which are quite good. I do not have any other place to have a Rabri Faluda, and though there are some places trying to emulate it. None have been successful so far. The hunt to this place is worth it.

The glasses are always ready with Faluda , the only thing that they add is kulfi/ Rabri  when you place your order.Ordered  malai kulfi,  the best I had ever…….With loads of khoya kheer and other stuffs that have been added to it….Was a huge rush in this store…They do also sell chole batura rajma chawal and ice-creams… but go in for Faluda and shakes.


Kuremal mohan laal ji kulfi wale

The heavenly stuffef kulfis.

If you love you your Kulfis , in many avtars like Mango Kulfi, Paan Kulfi, Rabri Kulfi, Pista Kulfi, Jamun Kulfi, Anar Kulfi, Fruit Cream Kulfi, then head to this place. Undoubtedly the maximum varieties of Kulfi (Indian frozen dessert) that I have ever seen anywhere!

All types of Kulfis are super yummy and flavourful. This legendary shop provides a never before experience of having Kulfi in Chawri Bazar (Old Delhi area). I have tried most of the Kulfis here and my favourites are stuffed mango, falsa, anar, and jamun Kulfi. This is a must-try place and definitely recommend to visit. Although, it is located in a narrow lane and therefore, parking is a problem. You have to use Google maps to reach this small shop in the hidden lane of chawri bazar area, please ask people because they know how to tell you the routes to get here at mohan lal shop. Worth a visit. Highly recommended.



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