Mussoorie Food Trail….

Kalsang :“Delicious food with large portion size”


Strategically located in Mussoorie near the Post Office on the Mall Road, the place is bustling with kalsang3visitors. Slightly cramped seating arrangements are however made up by the delicious preparation of pan Asian cuisine especially the dumplings range. kalsang

The portion size is great and so is the ambiance.
Do remember to leave behind your memoirs on the tissue. The hotel preserves them and uses them under the glass table tops. Loved the decor, the brightly painted walls and yes, the food!

Chic Chocolate: “A good place to hangout in Mussoorie”

chic chocolate

We stepped during one of our frequent walks along the mall road looking for some warm drinks. This restaurant has a great variety of chocolates and Italian cuisine.

The ambiance or decor of this restaurant is modern and atmosphere is fresh and young.

I would definitely recommend to all, try this restaurant at least once when you are in Mussoorie for its Spanish chocolate with nuts,  kit kat shake, Oreo shake,pizza, tortillas , rum balls and their cold coffee is quite good but I added Irish flavor to it .

Momos: The Tibetan restaurant

This is a lovely restaurant – though small to accommodate many. The plam7ce has been very
aesthetically designed with some very nice Tibetan backdrop and legendary Bob Marley collage.

The place was very clean and hygienic without any smell. The food especially the  Chicken Cheese Momos and mutton momos were very nice.Overall a good experience.

The Rice Bowl : “Nice break from routine food”

rice bowl 2

This second floor eatery does not look very appetizing from the mall road or even from nearby Café the rice bowlCoffee Day but the food exceeded our expectations. The menu is strictly Chinese Tibetan so not overly complicated. The décor is quite drab but service was friendly and reasonably quick. The seating is cramped as it is a very compact single room with tables. Portions were generous and it was not an expensive culinary outing. We tried thukpa, chilly chicken, honey chilly potato ,chicken manchow soup lemon chicken and thai soup. We would be open to a return visit to try other dishes on offer.

Casa Mia Bakery

 It is very nice junction in mall of mussoorie for great bakery products,one can enjoy the
mouthwatering cakes ,apple pie, choco fudge , rum balls and red velvet pastry to name a few.

casa mia


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