BARBEQUE NATION, Jungpura, New Delhi

BARBEQUE NATION, Jungpura, New Delhi

After covering the many outlets of BBQN, it is the time to go in for the most popular outlet in south of New Delhi.  Dear visitors, Barbecue nation will never disappoint you, this one certainly doesn’t.  Rather i would call it the best All the staff was so humble and courteous. The service has always been great and even this time it was impeccable. The staff has great knowledge of the dishes and treats you very well. The chef also came to our table to ask how the food was. The managers also play a very active part in making sure the guests have a wonderful meal. Great work!

Both Veg. & Non-veg starters were as usual very good, my favorite being the fish tikka and prawn roasts. Mutton Seekh was also done well. Overall a great satisfying start to starters, leaving no room for the main course. Anyways,  I tried some main course dishes and they were all very tasty.

The management of BARBEQUE NATION has set, such a high standards, that it is not possible to find fault in any of their dish, in any of their outlet.  Excellent. It is a very difficult to decide, which outlet is best. The best or the bestest


Barbeque nation Jangpura

Credit goes, to the following, for their great hospitality:
1  Mr. Deepak Pal, Business Manager,
2  Mr. Krishan Kumar, Executive Chef,
3  Mr. Taj, Captain,
4. Mr. Virender Kumar, SR. g.s.a.

Coming soon: The review of NOIDA outlet, keeping in view the great demand, from NOIDA and adjoining area’s foodies.

Rating: 5/5
Highly recommended.


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