Mahesh Lunch Home-Bangalore

Mahesh Lunch Home-Bangalore
After reviewing Mahesh Lunch Home at Dubai & Mumbai, the food critic inside me was urging me to review their outlet at Residency Road, Bangalore, to check the food quality, ambience, staff behavior and above all value for money. Mahesh lunch home sits next to chancery pavilion on residency road.mahesh 1
I was also wondering whether this outlet at Bangalore could match other outlets or not, but to my surprise the food quality of this outlet exceeded all my expectation, after taking the first morsel of the meal. Woooow! From lobsters to fish and everything it between its amazing .mahesh 2
Thumbs  up for fish koliwada, butter garlic prawn/crab, crabmeat soup  etc.  Food was extraordinary good. All though I covered various other sea food fine dining restaurants in the city but it takes the cake (crab and what not) and now a word about their impeccable service.mahesh 2
From recommendation to quickness, courtesy to going that extra mile to make the customer’s experience memorable – they do it all perfectly
mahesh lunch home banglore
Rating: 5/5

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