Best Indian Restaurant in ARMENIA Award 2021”-Indian Mehak Restaurant & Bar 

Best Indian Restaurant in ARMENIA Award 2021

Team FCBA’s founder president Mr. Tps Grrover recently awarded “Best Indian Restaurant in ARMENIA Award 2021”  to Indian Mehak Restaurant & Bar in Yerevan Armenia  for their outstanding hospitality services, guests friendly staff, superb Indian  food, sanitization standards, location etc.

Indian Mehak is a restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine that has been run by Mr. Parvez Khan and his family for the last so many years and is quite popular with locals as well as all visiting Indians. 

The interior of the Indian Mehak restaurant’s concept is a combination of different cultural expressions represented in its own style. A deep understanding of Indian ethnic elements are blended  in modern styles.


India Mehak Restaurant & Bar offers fat-free tandoori dishes, gluten-free choices, and enough selection for a vegetarian paradise.They also offer vegan dishes and we use no MSG and peanut-free kitchen and use only trans fat free oil. Dedicated to serving the freshest food, this restaurant makes many of their ingredients—from yogurt to fresh paneer—in house, and cooks every meal to order: mild, medium, hot or extra hot!

Must visit places.


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