KINARA by Chef Vikas Khanna, JA Lake View Hotel, Dubai.

KINARA by Chef Vikas Khanna,

JA Lake View Hotel, Dubai.

Amazing dining experience……………

Chef Vikas Khanna is an internationally renowned chef with /Michelin star acclaim. Chef Khanna has been recognized for his achievements in revolutionizing modern Indian cuisine. His fusion of traditional techniques with inventive twists has landed him a reputation one of the best Indian chefs in the world.

Visit to KINARA is probably one of the highlight of my Dubai food trail 2020. Had great expectations. KINARA has wide open kitchen, where you can see battery of chefs are preparing your dishes, no hidden corner, everything before the diners. Ambiance makes you feel cozy, relaxed and lets you enjoy every bite of the food. Exemplary service provided by the courteous staff of the restaurant. Amazing setting, wonderful food and the service team are phenomenal. Chef Vikas Khanna has certainly lived up to his reputation as one of the finest Indian chef by showcasing traditional Indian dishes with modern twist.

My recommended dishes are:

Amuse Bouse –

Pancharatna (Lentils, Mozzarella, Passion Fruit, Roasted Cumin)

Seasoning Pots –

Roasted garlic and chilli chutney

Fresh pineapple and fennel seeds pickle

Sweet tomato and Nigella seeds relish

Pickled shallots and green chilli

Starters –

Shakarkandi ki chaat (Sandalwood smoked sweet potato, Cumin labneh, Strawberry – ginger dressing)

Dahi ke kebab (Baked yoghurt, Kunafa, Medjool Dates, Turmeric Aioli)

Tandoori prawns with Coconut (Avacado, mint, Garlic Flakes)


Dal Sultani (Clove smoked yellow lentils, yoghurt)

Achari lamb (Slow cooked lamb, caramelised onion, Nigella – fennel mix, green mangoes)

Chicken berry biryani (Braised Chicken, Mixed Berries, yoghurt cucumber dip)

Kinara Roti( whole wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, clarified butter)


Saffron rose pudding (Rose petal jam, Cardamom, Banana caramel sauce, Candied Nuts)

Coconut Rice Kheer ( Pomegranate poached pears, Saffron cream, coconut ice cream)

Sides –

Baigan Bharta (smoked eggplant, caramelised onion, green peas)

Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended.


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