Orient Blade- Hotel Park Plaza, Ludhiana

Orient Blade,

The Chinese restaurant

@Hotel Park Plaza, Ludhiana

The finest restaurant in Ludhiana, known for its Punjabi version of Chinese cuisine. It is perhaps , one of the most popular place among the locals. Its ambience is very soothing, unlike other Chinese restaurant, where they excessively use of RED color , for their interiors etc, and hence sometime one feel very unsettling. The staff is very polite and servers know very well about the menu and are ready to suggest you with choicest dishes. The crockery & cutlery very fine and food super delicious. The dishes to try for:

Chicken Manchow soup,

Wanton soup veg,

honey chilli potato,

kung pao chicken,

stir fried Chinese green,

Buck wheat sobha noodle,

jade rice,

Funkin fish,

Red velvet pastry, Mango cheese cake & apple pie.

Rating: 5/5

Must visit.


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