Restaurants in Radisson Blu Nagpur.

Restaurants in Radisson Blu Nagpur


The Creative Kitchen is a globally inspired restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An extensive buffet offers artfully prepared options to suit any palate, and an à la carte menu provides even more choices to suit your needs.

Both the buffet and the à la carte menu are available during all meals. Be sure to try most popular Sunday Brunch with delicacies from all around the world.


Let your taste buds tour China by exploring the many Szechwan, Cantonese and Hunan options available at the exotic Ni Hao restaurant.

Located on the hotel’s pool floor, Ni Hao offers a phenomenal choice for important business or social occasions with mouthwatering selections like dim sum, kothe dumplings & many most delicious dishes from oriental cuisine.


Located on the pool floor of the hotel, Indiya Oye represents the bold and exotic flavors of India in an unforgettable combination of fine cuisine, warm decor and personal service.

Experience live kitchen that allows guests to watch in awe as chefs produce exotic dishes. Discover the rich heritage of the subcontinent as you sample authentic favorites like chaats and a variety of regional desserts.


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