Food trail in Indore-1

Food trail in Indore-1

The street food capital of India,

Team FCBA’s most eagerly awaiting visit to the Indore. As you all know Indore is the commercial capital of Central India which is famous for its rich food culture and cosmopolitan nature specially the night food street of Sarafa Bazaar.

Anyone who has ever been to Indore will definitely agree that Indore is the street food capital of India famous for its street food bazaars like Sarafa Bazaar, Chhappan Dukan, Chhawni, Sikh Mohalla to name few. In true sense, entire Indore and its streets, lanes & by-lanes are all full of food joints, food corners and food vendors. Each one of them has some or other food legends and fan following.

Today this late night market which is among the best places to eat in Indore, receives nearly 3,000 visitors, locals and tourists alike. Perhaps the fact that the market transforms itself from a serious jewelery haven to a not-so-serious foodies paradise at 8 PM has something to do with its charm.

But it isn’t difficult to understand why food enthusiasts of all ages and sizes throng Sarafa, eating their way through irresistible sweets, chatpati chats and unique Indori dishes such as namely Bhutte Ka kees, Garadu (Yam root) Chaat, King Size Jalebi fondly known as Jaleba, Basundi, Milk based Shikanji, Alu Pattis etc.

some other item have become iconic in status are Sabudana Ki Khichdi, Dahi Wada, Kulfi, Malpua, Barf ka Gola etc. Other regulars like Pani Puri, Alu Tikki, Samosa, Kachori etc. So it a ultimate place for foodies. Not to be missed.


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