Young Chefs Award Ceremony

Young Chefs Award Ceremony

Greetings from –Food Critics & Bloggers Association (FCBA), the leaders in Food Blogging; Restaurant reviewing; cuisine promoters and Social Media Influencers.. Our own portal is the most sought after social media platform for genuine & authentic reviews & promotion of restaurants, either stand alone or in 5 star hotels, all across India & abroad. We have reviewed/covered more than thousands of restaurants & numerous food trails in India & overseas:

Food trail in Europe,

Food trail in Bangkok,

Food trail in Doha,

Food trail in Singapore,

Food trail in Dubai & more.

As you all are aware that Team FCBA also honour; promote; highlight Culinary Skills of CHEFS, from all over the Globe. In continuation of that, Team FCBA’s Founder Chairman, Mr. TPS Grrover, honoured leading young chef brigade, for their Excellence in Culinary Skills.

The recipients are:

Young Chef of the Year-2018.

Chef Altamash Patel,

Taj SATS Catering Ltd., Mumbai.

Best Culinary Educator of the Year 2018.

Chef Dev Kasalkar,

Chef’s Kitchen Institute of Culinary Arts & Hotel Management, Kolhapur.

Emerging Executive Chef of the Year 2018.

Chef Jerson Fernandes,

Hotel Sea Princess, Mumbai

Entrepreneur Chef of the Year 2018.

Chef Tushar Malkani,

M/s. Malkani Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

Team FCBA wishes them best of luck & greater success, in their profession.



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