PRANKSTER @Sector 29, Gurugram.


@Sector 29, Gurugram

India’s finest place for innovative food & brewery.

PRANKSTER is fast emerging as one of the best place to dine, drink & unwind. I know everyone is eager to know its innovative food and brewery and amazing ambience but I am going beyond all this. Within 2 years of its opening the Prankster reputation has reach far beyond the boundaries of India. No doubt this a truly international place. Generally the cafes & mico breweries tends to ignore Food part but at the Prankster diners, of all ages, come especially to relish mind blowing dishes. Hence the result is before everyone. Each dish served here is a masterpiece created by superbly talented Chefs Harangad & Ravi Kumar. They left their plush jobs to pursue the dream of creating magic with the food. Now they are household names, for their culinary skills.

PRANKSTER, India’s first Food & Brewery Campus. The Prankster is divided into four major sections classrooms, laboratory, library and Amphitheatre which will definitely take you back to school / college experience. Apart from this there are two open balcony areas which has open Jeeps and old Lambretta scooters modified to seating with dining tables and comfortable backrest chairs.

Every cuisine has something amazing in itself along with beautiful presentation and fusion. Specially the Freshly brewed beer and cocktails, Prankster provides varieties of fresh brewed beer with flavorful taste. They serve some amazing scrumptious dishes with their own variation and presentation. Team FCBA presenting the list of starters, which are talk of the town and as for as main course recommended dishes are concerned, will share after next visit to Prankster:

Nitro dahi bhalla

Chole kulche doughnut

Honey chilli potato,

Bolachi chicken seekh kabab,

TT Lamb chops,

Fattir pizza,

Jalebi platter,

Rose kheer.

Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended.


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