Café Rouge Hotel Ramada, Gurgaon.

Café Rouge Hotel Ramada, Gurgaon.

Good food-good ambience….. Café Rouge@ Hotel Ramada, Gurgaon, is the second restaurant reviewed , after Al Fresco restaurant@ Hotel Ramada, Amritsar.

The management of the Ramada hotels in India, is putting lot of efforts in promoting quality; delicious; value for money ; multi cuisines restaurants, in a big way. That is why , the restaurants in all the Ramada hotels are doing very well. Café Rouge , is a fine dining restaurant that combines best of world of coffee and sumptuous Multi cuisine dishes.

The beautiful and spacious dining space that has natural light filtered through bold windows simply enhances the mood of the diners and fills them with positive vibes. The special feature of Cafe Rouge is the open and interactive kitchen along with elaborate buffet dishes that will surely give you a flavorful ride.

The a-la-carte menu has a wide selection of Continental; Italian; Lebanese cuisines, and also dishes from different parts of India, to bowled you out with its heavenly aroma and taste. Cafe Rouge is located in Ramada Gurgaon Central’s ground floor.

There is a huge demand , for a specialized Indian. Mughlai restaurant, in the hotel. Must try the following dishes, apart from their hugely popular buffets:

1 Chicken kulfy kababs,

2 Mutton Kulfy kababs,

3 Black bean thai chicken,

4 Exotic vegetables,

5 Ramada Daal: one of the best daal

6 Lukhnavi Chicken dum biryani,

7 Ajwain lahsuni roti &

above all Hari Mirch ka halwa-worth trying.

Special thanks to: Executive Chef Amit, Mr. Gaurav Sachdeva-Asst. F&B Manager & the entire kitchen & restaurant team Rating: 4/5 Recommended


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