Team FCBA’s 2nd FARZI CAFÉ outlet@CP, New Delhi, after Cyber hub, Gurugram..

The name Farzi Cafe conjures up images of exotic looking (read molecular gastronomy) food.. Farzi is one of my favourite restaurants because of the twists they give to dishes, making them unique in their own way. Farzi cafe- brand under the ownership of celebrity restaurateur Mr.  Zorawar Kalra, is known for its innovative and distinctive food. The restaurant stays busy most of the time, so getting a table can be difficult. The crowd consisted of office goers & kitty party groups The ambience and interiors were quite good. The food was extremely delicious. The quantity and quality of the food was up to the mark. There is a different kind of philosophy behind the concept, design, and culture of Farzi Cafe. And in fact, you smell, sense, experience, and feel it the moment you enter its Connaught Place outlet. It is all about an experience. And actually, you get the air of it only once you are there. There are people coming straight from the office to have a couple of drinks and relax. 

There are families coming for a fine dine experience and enjoy the atmosphere. So if you look around there are professional talks, business discussions, and leisure gossips happening around The AC was a relief from the piercing sun and we were seated almost immediately. Our meal started off with complimentary Mishti Doi shots that were placed on a tray full of billowing smoke. The shots definitely leave you wanting more. The 4 cheese pizza is amazing! The pizza isn’t overly cheesy, making it all the more likeable. The staff was courteous and polite. Farzi serves Indian cuisine with a modern touch. I’ve ordered vada pav, chicken changezi quesadillas, chicken lollipop, chicken tikka masala with cheese naan and their fancy mocktails. And food was well cooked with nice flavours. The bill was placed in a typewrite and got on the table. Why? Beats me. I heard some Wows and Oohs and Aaahs from neighbouring table who were clearly fascinated and figured, that’s why!!!

Place is a must visit.

Rating: 4/5

Highly recommended.


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