The Karim’s – since 1913


The place for Mughlai food…

The Karim’s, is an institution. The quest for Mughlai ends here. Straight from the courts of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the spices are a secret within the family. Started way back in 1913 and is currently run by the 5th generation in the family. Legendary place of old Delhi cooking recipes from the time of Mughals. Awarded n recognized as one of the most celeb n heritage must to visit if u r at Delhi. Now having several outlets all over Delhi but this one near Jama Masjid is the origin. That’s more than enough for me to search for it in busiest old Delhi streets n try their classic signature dishes. It’s the whole experience of entering the tiny gully opposite Jama Masjid, taking a sharp turn through a tiny lane.


Go in for:

Mutton burra kebab- mutton shanks n chops roasted with the choice of spices n ghee gives a unique taste all over. This is a must to have speciality of Karim’s.

Chicken biriyani- a fragrant full of spices with saffron gives a unique taste quite different from the biriyani of Bengal. Its undoubtedly follows the word to word recipe of the Mughal Emperors…

Chicken Jahangiri- from the name itself, a huge piece of chicken is served in a rich gravy of sweetness of onions n raisins n spicy too from the green chillies. Exotic blend of spices redefined with heritage.

a must visit if you are in Delhi & around Jama Masjid, hence Karim’s is definitely a must for foodie wish list


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