​Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu, Mumbai

Mahesh  Lunch Home,

Juhu, Mumbai.

The Seafood specialists

The CRAB Destination of India…………

Whenever you think of CRAB, think of MLH Juhu & Whenever you think of Seafood, think of MLH Juhu, again.

The  ultimate name in crab & seafood delicacies. Although they serve chinese, tandoor, north indian food and thousand other things, at mahesh lunch home its best to stick to seafood and coastal curries which remains their specialty


Fried bombay duck, crabs in singapore chilli, fish ghassi, crabs in butter pepper garlic, lobster in hunan sauce, fish tikka, goan fish curry & list is endless. One visit is not enough to go through the entire menu. MLH Juhu , a must try for anyone who is visiting Mumbai and has a fetish for sea food. Mahesh Lunch Home is well known for their Crab dishes like Tandoori crab, Bakes crab, Butter garlic crab, Pepper crab & so on. So get ready for the hearty & filling crab meal & gulp it down with some refreshing wine only at Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu.

Must go in for:

Chilly Crab,

Chimborichi Amti,

Butter garlic Crab,

Crab and coriander candy sticks,

Kundapur Crab,


Rasilla Chicken Kabab.

Malbas Machali Tikka

Chicken Sukka,

Promfret Mallipurum,

Surmai tawa fry,

Prawns Sukka & the list is endless


We can conclude by saying that that MLH Juhu is the only place in India, for the best seafood & above all crab delicacies.

Special thanks to:


Mr. Suraj Shetty & his entire team

Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended.


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