BB Jaan,Cabana Resorts,Ludhiana Highway

BB Jaan –the ultimate dining destination,

by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi

@Cabana Resorts, NH-1, Jalandhar – Ludhiana Highway, Punjab.

Bb Jaan is like jewel in the crown of fast growing culinary empire of celebrity Chef Harpal.

 Bibi Jaan is well known for serving Authentic HYDERABADI Cuisine of The NIZAM’S, in the Punjab’s hinterland & Punjabis are loving it. The restaurant offers high class authentic Nizami dishes in the world class restaurant, giving you the feel of 5-Star dining but at one fourth the price. The rich history of Hyderabad and Nizam dynasty is woven into the Brand, which is creating waves all around. The restaurant is being advised by the revered authorities of Hyderabadi cuisine like Begum Mumtaz Khan and Ustad Habib Pasha, the legends in Hyderabadi cuisine.

All authentic dishes from all over Deccan region right from Nihari, Kababs, Haleem, Biryanis to Murtabak, Double Ka Meetha (list is endless) and many vegetarian specialties’ not known to many, like Mirchi ka Salan,  are the favorites of connoisseurs of fine dining,

Bb Jaan is a sure shot  winner from the Chef Harpal’s stable and is the perfect brand , for the oversees launch & for other major cities of  India.

The ambience of the restaurant is royal and the staff is very courteous and helpful. They help you with the choice of dishes from the menu and are expert in explaining each and every dish.

Everything about the  Bb Jaan is perfect & of international standard. Don’t miss it, go for it.

My recommended dishes are:



1.     Banjara Kabab;


2.     Murgh malai tikka;


3.     Tandoori zatar  dum broccoli;


4.     Royal harra bharra kabab; 5  Kamak kakdi shikampur;


6.     Varqi paneer tikka;


7.     Pathar ke kabab.

Main course:

1.     Dal aabe zaan;


2.     Purana qilla nalli nihari;


3.     Raan E murgh;


4.     Nizami sat subz biryani;


5.     Murgh parda biryani

6.     Mirchi ka salan


Dessert: Double ka meetha


Team FCBA is spellbound by the magic of authentic Hyderabadi dishes, that already planned, second visit to Bb Jaan.

Special thanks to:


Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi;

Chef Raja;

Chef Bhupinder Prasad;

Mr. Kundu-the manager;

& other staff members.


Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended


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