The Collage@Hyatt Amritsar

The Collage

@Hyatt Amritsar, Punjab.

Great hotel, great name but indifferent staff. Food quality not as per Hyatt brand. Many big daddy’s of hotel industry are no doubt, are great names but of late as for  F&B is concern, their food quality going down and are not doing enough to woo the local diners.


 The Collage is fancy restaurant that seems promising as you walk in expecting a quality experience under the swanky air of the five star hotel but extremely disappointing and substandard. I opted for Dinner buffet and it was normal kind of spread, with having only 2 non dishes in the main course.

The spread was confusing; looks boring and service of highest example of laziness. The staff is slow, confused and mostly inattentive leaving diners to fend for themselves and regret their visit of tasteless food priced heftily in a rather cold environment. The food takes a lifetime to reach the table. 


The management of Hyatt must overall the kitchen staff and the servers immediately if they really want to continue this restaurant.


Rating: 3/5



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