Bella Cucina@Le Meridien, Gurgaon

Bella Cucina ,

An Italian restaurant @Le Meridien, Gurgaon.


Truly international standards…………..

Welcome to Bella Cucina, an Italian restaurant, offering world class Italian cuisine. The truly progressive Italian dishes, will tele transport you to Italy. Such is the great taste and the ambiance. “Bella Cucina” in Italian means wonderful kitchen or great kitchen and believe me,  it is indeed a Bella Cucina. The ultimate place for Italian food lovers. Already Team FCBA is big fan of, all the restaurants in Le Meridien  group of hotels (Starwood-Marriott) and already covered many of its high restaurants.   

Bella Cucina is the latest addition to the Gurgaon  scene of high end eating places. Since opening, this restaurant is running to its full capacity and attracting Italian food lovers, from all across Delhi and neighboring places. Bella Cucina  gives out highly romantic vibes with candles lit up and light music playing in the background and on top of it has 3 exclusive and beautifully done PDR’s (Private dining area) for some private dining and close gathering. Great concept.


 The ambiance of the “Bella Cucina”  can be best described in terms of muted golds, a glass-walled, gleaming and chrome-infested kitchen, plush leather chairs  etc. highlighting both Italian & contemporary designs,  at par with any international high end restaurant. One thing more, before I forget. This restaurant has some amazing positive vibes and great atmosphere, which helps diners in dining in a relaxed manner and gives them to enjoy their meal.

This restaurant has a amazing transparent glass, separating open kitchen and dining area. One can see and enjoy the culinary skills of chefs, while they prepare some mind blowing Italian dishes. This restaurant kitchen , also boosts of one of the best stove, very expensive one, the best in the trade.

During our review of the restaurant, we interacted with many diners, both Indian & foreigners, and they all were, very thrilled to enjoy their Italian meal, probably one of the best.

One of the highlight of their menu is the interaction of the chef, with diners as some dishes are designed like this, that at the time of   serving, the final “TADKA” or final touches like foams etc. are done, at the table of diner. This is a indeed a great way for ‘Chef-diner’ interaction.

Apart from excellent  hand made pastas and pizzas, I will strongly recommend the followings:

1.     Wild mushroom cappuccino with porcini brioche.


2.     Smoke chicken salad with avocado mousse & cucumber gel,


3.     Prawn ravioli with young tomato & bisque foam,


4.     Pumpkin & goat cheese  Risotto,


5.     Australian lamb chop with creamy spinach & eggplant tart,


6.     Classic Tirmisu


Special thanks to:

1 Mr. David Hopcroft, the General Manager,

2 Executive Chef Suprabhat Roy. (one of the best Executive Chef),

3 Chef Amit  (most promising Chef)

& all others. 

Rating:  5/5

Highly recommended.


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