India Bistro ,Hotel Diplomat, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

India Bistro

@Hotel Diplomat, Chanakyapuri,  New Delhi.
True place for progressive Indian cuisine……
Team FCBA recently visited the INDIA BISTRO, located inside the boutique hotel called Hotel Diplomat, in the exclusive diplomatic area of Chankyapuri, in the heart of National Capital.
This restaurant has , one of the most exquisite interiors’ and the most grand; royal outdoors setting, fit for royal patronage and suitable for food connoisseurs. The Restaurant has the most amazing tag line: Indian cuisine with Modern touch. Actually now a day’s every other restaurant states, that they are serving authentic Indian cuisine, only few who are very much different and confident are presenting Indian cuisine, with modern touch or we call it progressive Indian cuisine, dare to do so. Truly speaking it is indeed a restaurant serving Indian cuisine with a modern touch.
India is the land of amalgamation, where culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthralls and diversity delights. Adding to this heterogeneity is the Indian food which is equally diverse and reminiscent of its “unity in diversity”. Indian cuisine is ancient, diverse and steeped in tradition. It is a fusion of different ethnic influences, much like the country itself. It reflects a 5000-year history of intermingling of various communities and cultures, leading to measureless regional cooking styles. The cuisine of each region is influenced by its history and climate, such that, every place in the country boasts of a unique delicacy.
 India Bistro, is the place , where they  bring to you exotic Indian cuisine from their region of origin, with a modern touch!
India Bistro’s  menu proudly represents a contemporary India without being bogged down by too much of the traditional. To give you a unique dining experience, our food experts traversed the length and breadth of different regions to pick the local favorites from Amritsar to Lucknow and showcased it on the menu.The innovation is not restricted to just food, their  talented bartenders love to conjure exotic  mocktails and hopefully cocktails too will tastefully complement your dining experience.
The staff is extremely friendly and polite. Service is quick and portions are quite large. The prices are very pocket friendly, despite being the restaurant  located in the most posh area of Diplomatic area of Chanakuapuri, New Delhi.  The menu is quite extensive and covers all best possible dishes of Indian cuisine. My selected; tried and recommended dishes are:
Masal Mojito;
Kala Khatta Mojito;
Mango basil Melody;
Apricot Orange Blossom.
Palak Patte ki Chaat;
Snow dahi bhalle.
Grills veg:
Pav Bhaji fundue;
Methi malai Sheekh;
Cheesy Broccoli Tandoor Grilled.
Grill Non Veg:
Ghee roast Mutton Botti;
Galauti Kabab;
Tandoor grilld  Ginger Chicken.
Main Course:
Bhutta Palak Methi;
Lal Murgi;
Daal Makhni.
Chur Chur Naan;
Malabri Parantha;
Tandoori Roti.
Anar ka Raita

Gulab Jamun with ice cream and rose cavior;

Litchi ki Tehi

Overall, it was one of the finest dining experience, Will come again, for sure, to try other dishes.


Special thanks to:

Mr. Sandeep Goel, the General Manager

Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended.



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