​The Sepia,Hotel Renaissance, Lucknow.

The Sepia,

The best place for Awadhi cuisine

@Hotel Renaissance, Lucknow, UP, India. 

It is always a visual & culinary treat, whenever, Team FCBA reviews any restaurant of the Marriott group of hotels in India or abroad.

The Marriott India, under able leadership of Mr. Hemant Tenneti, is scaling greater heights in terms of growing popularity of their  restaurants. The best part of their F&B  policy is,  to cater to the taste of types of guests; local; national and international. The food served in all the restaurants are of highest quality; ambiance of international standards and hospitality extra ordinary. That’s why their restaurants are doing exceedingly well all around India and are giving a run for their money to the other big daddies of restaurants in other so call bi but over hyped hotels. The Marriott has team of extra ordinary talented chefs and no. of hospitality professionals.


The Sepia restaurant is the best place for Awadhi cuisine. As you know that Awadhi cuisine is the food of nawabs and royal patrons.  To prepare Awadhi cuisine, one requires a years of experience; patience and real culinary art of put various special spices, they may be more than 100,  to be able to worthy of its name & reputation.


The Sepia offers awadhi food in a nice environment with great live music and good service . The Sepia is a must visit place, if you are a authentic Kabab lovers and a compulsory for non kabab lovers, so that there is a greater chance of you to become a kabab lover,, after this kabab journey. To start with the ambience very mughlai and traditional richness with every look around. The staffs attire was unique which i suppose had something to do with the cuisine and the concept of their restaurant also to add the evening there was a young pair with some light music.

 Must try list:



Galwat Kabab;

Gosht ke Pasande;

Dahi ke Kabab;

Murgh Malai Tikka;

Paneer Shahzahan Tikka;

Tali Machhi;

Palak Chaat.


Dal Shahbano Shorba;

Bhunna Bhutta Murgh Badami Shorba



Nawab Kofte;

Teen Mirch ka Paneer;

Bhagare Khattey Mithey Baigan;

Dal Sultan;

Nalli Kareli Nijari;

Murg Awadhi Korma;

Gol Botti Angara;

Awadhi Mutton Biryani.




Ulte Tave ka Parantha;


Warqui Parantha



Zaffran Phirni


I assure that apart from above recommended dishes, youcan even try each and every dish because it is the place for the best Awadhi food, in entire Lucknow or even UP.The Sepia boosts of the best culinary team, in the business,  like, Executive Sous Chef  Balvinder Pal Singh and Chef Mohsin Qureshi along with other chefs.


Special thanks to:


Mr. Praveen Sharma, the Director Sales & Marketing,

Mr. Vivek Bhanawat, Director of Finance

Executive Sous Chef Balvinder Pal Singh,

Chef Mohsin Qureshi-CDC

& all the team members in Kitchen & Restaurant.


Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended.


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