Barbeque Nation, Arena Mall,Bangalore 

Barbeque Nation@ Soul Space, Arena, Mall,

Mahadevapura, Bangalore

Team FCBA has coined  the mot appropriate tag line for Barbeque Nation. And that is:

Barbeqye Nation: “The Food Utsav

& also

Barbeque Nation: “Unity through Food“.

These taglines are being appreciated by one and all fans of BBQN. It symbolizes the true spirit of National integration through Food and is the only , where ever you go, will find perfect example of meeting point of staff, from all the corners of the India. You will find a chef from Bihar, servers from Uttrakhand and restaurant manager from Himachal. You will also find people working here from all castes; creeds and communities, with great dedication and passion.

Now lets talk about the this outlet and food:

This premium out let Barbeque nation , is the part of new revamped look , which is being liked and appreciated by the diners, all around. The management of BBQN has taken this restaurant chain to another bigger level, in respect of food; ambiance and everything associated with this. This outlet in Arena Mall, Soul Space has revamped everything from their logo to colors to the set up of the restaurant.

 The decor is super cool  with bright orange colors and the buffet counter is placed right at the center with so many new additions in their live counter sections. They have special live counters for Shawarma and Rolls. For vegetarians there’s a live Daal counter which has 4 types of daal prepared and seasoned your way. And the Chinese live counter which serves some yummy preparations. They have also live counter which serves veg. & Non Veg. Excellent. The staff is very warm and will make sure you’re seated well and taken care of at all times. Their mocktail menu has added new flavors and the way the present , is simply wonderful. 

Another noticeable thing , in this premium BBQN is,  that they have divided all there spread into different sections starting from salad counter, soup counter, buffet counter, biryani counter, live counter where you can get differnt kind of meats like rabbit , desert counter, live kulfi counter, kathi roll counter and the drinks counter although they have not started with alcoholic beverages and so on.

Statutory warning: All diners are requested to take atleast 2 days of fasting, prior to coming to savor the onslaught of delicious starters; main course and desserts.

It will be a big mistake on my part to suggest few favorite dishes. Go in for each and every dish and I am sure, you will love  entire buffet spread, hence it is called FOOD UTSAV.

Ratings: 5/5

Highly recommended.


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