Johnny Rockets @ Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

Johnny Rockets @ Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

Great news  for the lover of Burgers; fries; shakes; Salads etc., Johnny Rockets is the ultimate place. A Classical American theme restaurant .The interiors of the restaurant, which is located on the 3rd floor, will transport you into Hollywood movies sets, as there are posters of them, are all around plus American songs and impromptu dances by the staff, makes sure that it is a truly an American dining restaurant.

Amazing options for the foodies as more and more , new concepts are being served before them, as there is a boom time for resurgent food industry. To grab the attention, of the  foodies, the Johnny Rockets, an all American dining  chain of restaurants,, has come with a unique idea of  ALL YOU CAN EAT (veg./ Non Veg.) for Rs. 449/ Rs. 499 only. It is a unique and winning concept, where you can have unlimited helpings. Amazing. This is the only place, where you are served a 6 course meal, in an American dining restaurant, like:

  1. Pre appetizer;
  2. Shakes/ Beverages;
  3. Appetizers;
  4. Salads;
  5. Burgers;
  6. Desserts.

There are many options available, both veg and non veg, in each of the course meal. Apart from the set menu, under ALL YOU CAN EAT, there is a section  for ala carte choice.


The staff is extremely courteous and looks very handsome in their white uniforms and sailor caps. They all are trained to help you out with the dining options and explain each dish and indigenes used. To check the hygiene and the cleanness of the kitchen, we went in for surprise visit to the kitchen and it was very clean and all  the food ingredients were of quality and fresh. Good to see that.


The management of JOHNNY ROCKETS, as claimed by them, uses 100% fresh stuff and give maximum emphasis on the quality products ie. Meats & vegetables from the farms; breads and rolls from the bakery;  the best condiments etc.


Despite  working day, the restaurant was almost full and still there was lot of space to accommodate  more diners. Great American style ambiance with the tables and chairs complementing the look. It is extremely clean and well maintained.


You will not find much crowd especially during the weekdays. Most of the restaurant chains anyways are not occupied in ambiance mall The management requires best of the marketing skills to boost the sales. No doubt this a sure winning  concept, being tried first time in India.


Special thanks to:


Mr. Bakshish Dean, The CEO,

Mr. Rohit Chawla, the Restaurant Manager.


Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended.




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