RICE@Radisson Blu, Dwarka, New Delhi.

Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
@Radisson Blu, Dwarka, New Delhi.
Delhi’s best Chinese/ Oriental cuisine restaurant…….
Team FCBA wanted to review this restaurant, for a long due to its rising popularity among diners. The RICE restaurant specializes in Chinese/ Thai/ Vietnamese/ Japanese cuisines. It is situated inside the very popular Radisson Blu hotel, Dwarka, New Delhi.. It is indeed, one of the finest luxury restaurants, in Delhi.
The interiors are truly world class, classy; sophisticated and very vibrant place. The beautiful ceiling decor. The classy ambiance with all the wine presentation and dim lights gets you so comfortable. The place is full of positive energy, which makes you  so comfortable and relaxed.  In other words, we can call, the décor of the restaurant as classy, sophisticated, clean cut and pristine. It truly lives up to its standards.
The restaurant staff is very good, The moment you enter the restaurant, the hostess guide towards your preferred seat and make you comfortable with her infectious smile. Then it is the turn of restaurant manager, to welcome you and inquire about your well being. Now the captain comes and asks for the order and he also helps you with the proper selection of food/ dishes as per our taste and also he suggested some of their favorite and hot selling dishes. All this hospitality, before the start of your food journey, takes you to your comfort zone, waiting for the real test: FOOD.
Finally the wait is over, now is the time to  go all out .There is something totally unique in their food preparations that it really makes the experience memorable. We ordered so many dishes, from all across the menu, right from sushi platters, to variety of Dimsums and what not. Each  dish served to us, was truly world class, at par with any best restaurant.  It was sheer great culinary marvelous, showcasing  by  truly genius chefs. Salute and standing ovation to them.
Our favorite dishes are:
(Enclosing the pics also)
Assorted Sushi Platter
(Avocado maki, Crazy vegetable roll. California roll)
Assorted Dim Sum Basket
(Thai Asparagus Dim Sum, Pot sticker, Shanghai Chicken Dumpling, Bunny Prawn Dim sum)
(Burnt Garlic Lime Broth Chicken)
Lamb Massa man curry,
Kung Pao Chicken,
Stir fried beans with asparagus and assorted peppers,
Steamed Rice,
Butter pepper noodles.
Lemon Grass Crème Brule.
And the star dish was: Deep fried Red Snapper which was flambe’ 
Special thanks to:
Executive Chef Mahesh Kumar Sharma,
Mr. Subashish Gupta, Director F&B,
Chef Gunbir Singh, cdc,
Mr. Prabhat Singh, Astt. F& B Manager,
Mr. Bhagwant, the restaurant manager,
Mr. Himanshu, the executive,
Mr. Afsar, the steward,
Ms. Angella, the hostess
& above all the kitchen team & serving team.
The best Chinese/ oriental cuisine restaurant in Delhi.
Rating: 5/5
Highly recommended.

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