The Lagoon, Ritz Carlton, Doha, Qatar

The Lagoon,

Ritz Carlton, Doha, Qatar

After reviewing the 2 restaurants of Ritz Carlton, Bangalore-India, I was looking for an opportunity to explore the restaurants of other Ritz Carlton hotels. Recently I got a chance to undertake a Food Trail to DOHA and obviously reviewing the restaurants at Ritz Carlton is the natural choice or for the matter of fact any restaurant in Marriott hotels, anywhere. Ritz Carlton never cease to amaze me. From their enormous chandelier at the lobby to the coziness of their rooms, you’ll feel you’re a VIP.

As I just entered the  ‘Lagoon’ and we were welcomed by the long spread of seafood, Japanese food and desserts. There’s a play area for kids where they can enjoy mingling with other children. You’ll find a large buffet that is perfect for families and children. The food is amazing including so many salads and exotic breads.

The table server was too friendly and very active. clearly explained the picnic brunch style and how to order, also whenever we ask for any item to be refilled he will definitely do it in no time.
The buffet was extensive and well  laid  out. The starters were either waiting for you at the table or came fresh soon after you were seated. Have to say it was hard to pick a favorite but the California dynamite salmon roll, bocconcini and cherry tomato basil lollipops (planted in a pot!) as well as the mini crochets were delicious! Chef was grilling up tomahawk steaks, lobster tails and even chicken wings. Everything smelled amazing! The steak was my favorite, seasoned to absolute perfection and cooked to my liking. The meat was extremely tender and was easily cut with the butter knives provided. I also had an entire helping of the Chinese pok choy and stir fry noodles with a pair of very innovative chopsticks, spot on!  The Chef was kind enough to prepare some Indian delicacies for me. Within no time he & his

team prepared a very delicious Dum Chicken biryani and butter chicken. Excellent.Mock tails were really tasty and were always refilled before even asking.

Now comes the Desserts were splendid, macrons, eclairs, almond cake, scones, ice creams … and that’s just want was put on our table! However, I ended up devouring the mini puffs with sweet vanilla ice cream paired with some good cafe mocha and summed up the meal with a nice black coffee.wp-1475767760686.jpg

Rating: 4/5



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