Waterfront Terrace & Bar ,Marriott Resort & Spa, GOA.


Waterfront Terrace & Bar

@Marriott Resort & Spa, GOA.

Well going to review any restaurant of Marriott group of hotels, expectations are very high and most of time they live up to that expectations, most of the time. The Marriott restaurants are going exceptionally well everywhere and are thronged by walk in diners and in house guests.  The WATERFRONT TERRACE & BAR restaurant is located inside the Marriott Resort & Spa hotel in GOA.  The setting of this restaurant is very stunning, overlooking the vast sea line of Goa. Waterfront for amazing buffet spread. Nice bright and ample seating. Good service. Food is good.


Menus for buffet spread are well designed.  With a large spread out buffet, variety of choices amongst local Goan, Indian and international cuisine, this restaurant never seizes to satisfy every customers appetite and stomach! The delicious appetizers and main course, mouth-watering desserts and cocktails to your liking… Everything that you need is here! They have a sections for soup, Indian mains, chaat, condiments, salads, international mains, bread and cheese platters and desserts and the amazing salads especially the chicken, shrimp, pasta salads. Overall a great dining experience.


Special thanks to:

Executive Sous Chef Ganesh Teli,& his entire team


Rating: 4.5/5



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