Neung Roi

@Radisson Blu, Mahipal pur, Near Airport, New Delhi.


Most authentic Thai cuisine restaurant…….

Team FCBA’s 9th restaurant in 7th Radisson Blu hotel.
A incredible place serving authentic Thai Cuisine.  Located inside the
world famous Radisson Blu Plaza, that gives you fine dining experience. The ambiance of the place is tranquilizing. The traditional Thai music playing in the background brings your mind at ease. The ambiance is beautiful but not loud. The huge Chandelier all around makes it more classy. Being lovers of Thai food, it is breathtakingly beautiful to see a menu that does not patronize its guests by watering down the culinary history of Thai food and its origins. The menu itself is divided by courses and sectioned according to the various regions of Thailand that the dish comes from.

Every dish is handcrafted to perfection and it happens when Chef put heart and soul in their task. The star of Neung Roi Chef Yenjai Suthiwaja , the expat thai chef, who designed the “menu” to suit Indian pallet without any changes in the recipe. On special request by chef many ingredients are imported from Thailand to make the food taste truly Thai. The menu is divided according to four region Isan, Lanna, South and Central Plains to give you the bestest of Thailand.. Excellence in each and every aspect of gastronomy can be easily seen. From appetizers to desserts, this place provides with all the delicacies from various parts of Thailand. The chef knows her craft well and dedication can be seen in each and every dish.

Lets present to you, the most amazing served, to us:


Starters & Salads:

1. Tohu Song Khurg: Tofu & betel nut leaf in pandanus cup with tamarind palm sugar sauce & roasted coconut.

  1. Tod Man Khao Pod : Corn fritter with sweet chilli sauce. tastier.

  2. Gai Yang:  Grilled chicken with coriander roots & roasted chilli sauce.

  3. Krachai Gab Goong: Stir fried prawn with wild ginger & shallot.

  4. Som Tum: Raw papaya salad with peanut, chilli & light soya sauce.


Tom Yum Goong/Gai : Spicy & sour prawn/chicken soup with lemongrass, kafir ime & galangal.


  1. Phad Kee Maow Tohu: Tofu & vegetables with hot basil, chilli & dark soya sauce.

2.Gaeng Kiew Wan Pak : Mixed vegetables in thai green curry.

  1. Phad Pak Kiew: Stir fried kale with morning glory, pokchoy, soya bean sauce, garlic & pepper.

  2. Pla Neung Manao:  Steamed fish with lime chilli sauce.

  3. Gai Phad Kaprow: Minced chicken with long beans in hot basil sauce.

  4. Goong Thod Ha Rod:  Fried prawn in a homemade sauce & fresh coriander.

  5. Phad Thai Gai:  Flat rice noodle with chicken, bean sprout, chive, tamarind, chilli & peanut.

  6.  Mee Spam : Stir fried noodle with black soy & pokchoy.


  1. Kanom Tom: Jaggery stuffed pandanus glutinous rice dumpling with coconut.

2.Tub Tim Krob: Water chestnut in coconut jasmine syrup.

  1. Khao Niew Mamuang: Sticky rice with fresh mango & coconut cream.

A must visit place,


Special thanks to:

Executive chef Sreenivasan G,

Ms. Ritul Yadav, Head-Marcomm

& others

Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended


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