Barbeque Nation, Amritsar 

Barbeque Nation


10 years-15 states-32 cities-73 outlets and counting……..

Team FCBA is proud to be reviewing various outlets of Barbeque Nation, all across India and yet to be disappointed, in terms of quality of the food, ambiance and hospitality. Team FCBA has been covering BBQN’s various food festivals, from time to time and believe me they were all huge hits. Team FCBA wanted to review this newly opened outlet, despite many requests from our local bloggers. However this time, from our busy schedule, we went to BBQN Amritsar. It was an amazing experience, right from the world go. Barbeque nation never disappoints! This is such a great place to have buffet! Lovely and prompt service! Barbeque Nation was the first outlet to offer ‘live on the table’ grill. Many more have followed in its footsteps and tried to overtake it but it is still here, going strong and better than its counterparts. Barbeque nation has always outshone in terms of impeccable food, great service and great crowd! This place stands rushed with bookings done in advance. Spacious with lobby dining, they truly know how to manage.  Kudos to Management of this outlet.

From starters to desserts, everything is top notch!! They have hyper active staff which refills the food in no time. Variety at it’s best: Grilled fish, Mango fish, perfect chicken n lip smacking prawns. Just loved it.  The waiters were very friendly. They asked about our order and also whether it was any special occasion like birthday etc. So we ordered a non veg. buffet and he started serving the starters. All the starters were outstanding; I cannot say that any one of them was bad. Every single one of them was very good so we ordered 3 rounds of it. It included chicken on skewers, mutton tikka, fish, prawns, chicken wings, masala corn, mushrooms and grilled pineapple which was very juicy. My personal favourite among these were fish and mutton.
 I wanted to have more but had to save some space for the main course.The main course had chicken dum biryani, fish in hosin sauce a chicken dish and mutton. The  mutton dish was amazing. I had such a delicious mutton after a very long time. There was a lot of variety in desserts, around eight variety of deserts which included ras malai, ice cream, pudding, gulab jamun, phirni, kulfi, brownie walnut cake, black forest cake. We tried all of them and liked all.The way the restaurant manager and the chef , going to each table and asking for their feedback on food, is amazing.

The best place to enjoy your meal, with family and friends. A must go place.

Special thanks to:

1.     Mr. Paras Kochhar, Marketing and Sales head , North region

2.     Mr. Arvind Rawat, the restaurant manager,

3.     Executive chef Ranvir Rana,

4.     Cuisine chef Anand,

5.     Cuisine chef Shivam Kashyap,

6.     Captain Syed Danish,

7.     Captain Chaman Singh,

8.     Captain Jeetesh.


Ranking: 5/5

Highly recommended


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