R.E.D.  Rare Eastern dining@Radisson Blu Hotel, Ludhiana

R.E.D.  Rare Eastern dining…..@Radisson Blu Hotel, Ludhiana

This is the tag line use by the restaurant, to highlight their cuisine. It is one of the best Chinese/ Oriental  restaurant in the Ludhiana, Punjab. This restaurant is in the latest and swanky  Radisson Blu, on the 5thfloor. The ambiance is minimum but greatly impressive with red balloons all over. The crockery is authentic Chinese and other cutlery fantastic. They have two types of seating area; one is plush chairs and sofas and other ones near the live counters, separated by a huge glass wall. The menu is very extensive and boasts of many dishes, which avid food lover, will it it here only. Earlier they used to have an expat Chinese chef, from Shanghai, so you can very well imagine the emphasis on the authentic Chinese dishes.  The staff is very courteous and are ready to help you with the choice of dishes and their details  etc. They have a kind of Live kitchen, as in you can see the kitchen & your order being made which is something nice to engage the customers.


The amazing variety of well-prepared south Asian dishes encourages sampling by cordial servers. Authentically prepared dishes are aromatic and flavorful, Truly one of the best in town. I tasted so many dishes and all were truly delicious and perfect. Please go through my recommended dishes and their pictures so that you are well prepared, before ordering.

Table acompliments

Prwan, Picle vegetable, Kimchi Sala


Tom Yum Prawn Soup


Volcano Chicken,

Assorted Veg, Dumplings,

Assorted Non Veg. Dumplings

Main Course:

Beijing Duck with Plum & hoisin sause

Mala Fish,

Mapu Tofu,

Stuffef eggplant,

Singapore noodles,

Jade rice

Credit for this best and authentic treat goes to”


Executive Chef Pritpal Singh Maini,

Master Chef Chandan Singh.

Mr. Naeem Kha, the restaurant manager,

Nina & Krishan-the service associates.

Rating: 5/5

Highly recommended



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