Delli walli Khau Galli Food Barbeque Nation

Delli walli Khau Galli Food Festival,

by Barbeque Nation.

Team FCBA was special invitee to the “Delli wali khau galli” Food festival organized by BARBEQUE NATION, at their Pitam Pura, New Delhi outlet. Team FCBA had already reviewed and covered their highly popular other food festivals, like: Muhammad Ali Road Food Festival, Bollywood disco food festival & Waharabia food festival but this current festival is drawing huge crowds and there iis a huge waiting time for the diners. The management of BARBEQUE NATION, is spreading the awareness among the diners about the various cuisines/ food habits of other parts of India and globe. Hats off to them.  During our food review, we interacted with many other diners and each one of them was very happy to be a part of this festival.
There were unlimited local specialties (check enclosed menu) and each dish was tasty.  The entire atmosphere was very electric and vibrating with laughter and happiness all around, showing their appreciation of the festival and the food.
Special thanks to:
1 Mr. Paras Kochchar, The regional marketing head,
2 Mr. Shakir Ali, the business manager, Pitam pura,
3 Amjad Qureshi,Executive Chef
4 Raj Kumar, Server

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