Java+@ Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad

Java+@ Courtyard by Marriott
Java+ is such a hip, trendy and glamorous cafe. Java+ – Courtyard by Marriott is one of the finest coffee house in the city. Marriott, the name is enough. These guys really pay attention to every little detail.  It opens 24×7 and offers a great taste with decent pricing. The ambiance is serene and stylish. It’s a great hangout place and a yummy variety of snacks,  is an added bonus. A  well rounded menu with something for everyone, comfortable seating and warm ambiance, very polite service and just the right amount of entertainment – a screen and good background music which isn’t very loud The beautiful outdoor setting with vertical plantation really gives you the feel of wilderness. The food is pretty fine and  the presentation is really nice, and the coffee and food served are obviously worth the repeat visits. coffee and masala chai is really nice.
 They have a good variety of tea / coffee/ mock tails/ shakes/ pastries/ and all type of snacks, which appeal to young generation apart from free Wi-Fi.  Service is good and flawless. It was a great and experience and you should also give it a try
Rating 5/5
Highly recommended

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