Boombox Café@CP, New Delhi

Boombox Café@CP, New Delhi

After visiting Boombox cafes in Rajouri Garden and Khan market, this is the time visit 3rd outlet in CP.
Boombox cafe located in F block inner circle is one of those places to just relax with friends and have a good time.


I was skeptic to enter the place after checking out the reviews and ratings  given by my survey team but my experience was surely a wonderful one. The place is divided into three parts one part is the lounge which has a bar.


The second part is a sort of private place and the third one is normal tables and chairs. It has a very rugged decor with graffiti all around giving it that rustic vibe.


Food-the best part of the visit no doubt!!!
Burritos- better really nice!
Best-salsa it was really good!
Ambiance well but it could have been better!


Expense- 1000/person a little over worth!
Visit again maybe yes!!
Rating: 4/5


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