The Riwaz, @Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

The Riwaz,
@Ritz Carlton, Bangalore
The best place for North West Frontier Cuisine, in India.  Ritz Carlton is a big international brand of luxury hotels and it is very creditable that the management is giving proper emphasis on the various cuisines of the India, especially this exclusive NWFP food, thereby beating many leading brand names in India, offering the same cuisine.
The dinners at any of the restaurant, in Ritz Carlton, are very fortunate in the sense that , the food is prepared/ supervise by the India’s only Michelin star Chef Anupam Banerjee.. The Chef is a charismatic personality and has tons and tons of culinary experience , all around the globe. Despite this, he remains a humble person, grounded to his roots. This is one of the best reasons to dine at this restaurant.
I think dining at this restaurant, is wonderful experience and some of mypersonal favourites: Bhatti Da Kukkad, Shammi Kebab, Sunehari Jhinga, Bharwan Tandoori Aloo, Dahi Wali Macchi, Dal Makhani, Murgh Dum Biriyani and many other mouth watering & finger licking dishes.
Not yet done with all the superlative dishes, but will visit again to tell you more about the remaining dishes.
Must visit place and has a great repeat value.


Special thanks to:
Executive Chef Anupam Banerjee,
Chef  Altamash Iqbal,
Ms. Bhavana Shah, Director-Public Relations.
Highly recommended
Rating 5/5

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