JW Kitchen, @JW Marriott, Bangalore

JW Kitchen,
@JW Marriott, Bangalore
Team FCBA is very pleased to share a great news with our readers/ visitors that , we are the only Restaurant  Reviewers/ Food writers / critics & Bloggers to review various restaurants in all the 7 JW Marriott hotels in India, like :Aerocity-Delhi, Chandigarh, Musoorie, Pune, Sahar-Mumbai, Juhu-Mumbai and Bangalore. Already many emails are pouring in , praising our efforts, for covering all these restaurants, which no single person has done before, like us. But I assure you, that this is just the beginning of our food journey. Just keep on sending us  the requests, for the review of any restaurant in the globe, Team FCBA will do it for you.
 The best place for a buffet in town. They have the freshest ingredients, great selection, which is not just run of the mill. Great personalized service, beautiful ambiance and amazing food! It’s a star place which gives total value for money. The buffet has a large spread, in just the salad section itself there are 5 varieties each in veg. and non veg. with each justifying their place. The soup, mains all having lots of flavor though unable to stand up to their awesome deserts which should not be missed. I must say, it was one hell of an experience. 
The ambiance is classy, impeccable and perfectly living up to its five star rating. The live music just enhanced the environment. The food list is endless, so I must suggest you to go asap, to enjoy the food. Finally I just had space for an almond ice cream with some chocolate sauce and our grand feast came to an end. Totally worth the money and I am sure to visit again.
Special thanks, to:
Executive Chef Amit sood,
Mr. Kamakhya Singh, Director F&B,
Mr. Nishanth Vishwanathm, Director Operations,
& Ms. Simonti Mazumdar, Marketing Communications Executive.
Highly Recommended
Rating 5/5

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