Barbeque Nation :Amritsar

Barbeque Nation :Amritsar

It was my first experience with the Barbeque nation and it was beyond amazing. I loved each and every starter, dish in the main course and their Perfect desserts. The staff was too generous and served the special dessert of the day with utmost insistence. I had a Perfect briyaani after a very very long time.

I and my companion got the table in a very quiet and nice section which avoided the hustle of this place.

There is nothing at all what can be termed as bad or not good ,like here in Amritsar you all know that there are numerious joints rather very famous joints were you can eat upon but with on coming of barbeque nation it has satisfied all the food craving….

  1. Extremely cheerful and hospitable staff
  2. Elaborate assortment of starters
  3. Tasty starters
  4. Location of the outlet
  5. Cleanliness n Hygiene
  6. Consistent experience

Congratulations to the management/ staff of BARBEQUE NATION, for creating such a magic here again in Amritsar.Hats off to the extraordinary hospitality managed and organized  by Mr. Para Kochher and to the entire staff of Barbeque nation Amritsar.
Special thanks to our guest bloggers
Mrs Simrat kaur and Mr Tejinder Singh Madan.


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