K3 Restaurant @ JW Marriott, Aerocity, Delhi

K3 Restaurant @ JW Marriott,

Aerocity, Delhi

Biggest Sunday Brunch Buffet.

After reviewing CAFE 24@ JW Marriott, Mussoorie, OKRA & BIDRI @ JW Marriott, Hyderabad, THE SPICE & PASHA @ JW Marriott, Pune, it is the time to review The K3 Restaurant @ JW Mariott, Aerocity, Delhi.

It is one of the grandest Sunday brunch, ever visited and reviewed, with the biggest spread of food, from all across the globe and the largest space, ever seen in a restaurant. Simply awesome.  Simply it should be called The biggest global food festival. The food items are countless and it is impossible for any glutton to taste each and every dish. Each dish , we tasted, was masterpiece in culinary art itself. Set in the outskirts of Delhi, K3 is a huge space with a great ambiance offering so much food in its buffet.

K3 Restaurants boasts of 3 major inhouse separate sections/ kitchens  for Chinese; Italian and Indian  cuisines. They have open barbeque grill section outdoor, a gourmet delight for both veg. and non veg. lovers. On top of it they have endless drinks; salads; and desserts to suit every palatte; Indian or foreigner.


During our review of restaurants, we generally point some  dishes to go in for but here we can’t decide which food item to recommend due to excellent taste; quality and authenticity and above all the presentation of each and every served in this restaurant.  Whenever you want to visit this restaurant, please call the restaurant in advance, as there is huge no. of guests, waiting to partake the biggest culinary festival, Sunday brunch. The food presentation is amazing. Meets the proper standards of luxury dining.


Before I sign off, I must congratulate Executive Chef Girish Krishnan, for laying out ,  such a huge spread of dishes, from all across the globe. Chef Girish Krishnan is one of the living legend and is truly an asset for KW Marriott. Team FCBA wishes him best of luck. Also worth mentioning, is  the name of Executive Sous Chef Ishika Konar, for her extra ordinary culinary talent.  She was interacting with each guest and was looking after them very well, getting feedback about the food and also guiding chefs about the guests food likes etc.


Special thanks to:

  1. Chef Yip Wai Leong, CDC-Chinese,
  2. Chef Giovanni ricci, CDC-Italian,
  3. Junior Sous Chef Mohammed Asif,
  4. Mr. Ashish Nehra, Manager F&B,
  5. Mr. Rohan Bhasin, Restaurant Manager,

and above all , the stewards.

Rating 5/5

Highly recommended



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