Arabian Food Festival @Barbeque Nation

Wahrabia Fest
Arabian Food Festival @Barbeque Nation outlets.


Outlet: Pitam pura
Recently Team FCBA, attend “Wahrabia  Fest”, an Arabian Food festival, at  Pitam Pura, New Delhi outlet.  Team FCBA has a close affinity with BARBEQUE NATION because of its commitment to provide quality buffet, at an affordable price, to the foodies all across India and soon be going to some other countries also. (Will share their opening details for overseas outlet).  This time got an invite to review their latest Arabian food festival. Believe me the food; Arabic feel; dresses of the staff were  mashalla!. This festival is drawing more crowds than earlier attended food festivals like Mohammed Ali Road Festival or even Bollywood Disco Festival. The research team of BARBEQUE NATION has done the right work and has included major Arabian dishes, in starters & main course , from all over Arab world. We would like to share, with our web visitors, that BARBEQUE NATION has also incorporated some our ideas/ suggestions, for this food festival.
Barbeque Nation offers patrons a chance to experience traditional Arabian dishes such as Jojeh Kebab – chunks of chicken marinated in saffron and grilled to perfection, Rubian Mashwi – chargrilled prawns marinated with Lebanese spices, Dabel Kebab, Arabian Kafta Lamb Seekh – minced lamb on seekh, Farareej el Fahem and Samak Harrrah Al Shara – Pomfret baked with crushed garlic and coriander and served with pepper sauce. Get swept away by tantalizing vegetarian preparations such as Afelia Batata, Felafel Pita pckets, Curried Chickpeas, Sheesh Kudra, Zucchini Fasigratin.


The highlights of the festival are the live-counters where dishes like Kesabi Dejaj, Chicken Shawarma, and Riyash Mashwi, will be cooked in traditional style. Customers can bask in the aroma of marinated, skewered meat sizzling over hot grills and tawas. Cold mezze offerings like Fattoush, Hummus served with crisp Pita, Mouttabal, and Cheese Barrah can be enjoyed right on the tables.
For desserts, customers can sample traditional sweet dishes from exotic land such as – Baklava – rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey, Muhallabieh – Creamy milky pudding with roses, pistachio and lemon syrup, Kataif Mihshi – pancakes stuffed with mascarpone cheese and served with sweetened rose syrup.


Congratulations to the management/ staff of BARBEQUE NATION, for creating such a magic. Hats off to the extraordinary hospitality extended by Mr. Para Kochher & Mr. Chirag, Mr. Paras is a valuable asset of the company and will achieve greater professional heights.
This Pitam Pura outlet is one of the best outlets, I have visited and credit goes to Mr. Tauseeff Ahmad, the outlet manager,  for maintaining such a high standard. He is the perfect example of how to interact with guests and how to take care of each one of them,. Deserve a standing ovation.Special thanks to: Lal Singh, Vijender Singh & Rosan Khatri


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