Jimmy Hu, Pune

Jimmy Hu, Pune


From the house of Chef Sanjeev Kappor. Located inside a campus in Lane 7 of Koregaon Park, In Jimmy Hu, there are two seating options. An outdoor open air seating and an inside bar with booth style seating The outdoors looked interesting and was mostly full. The walls are beautifully painted and little lights add to the decor. During my interaction with customers in Jimmy Hu, they said that this the place for GenNext.The food was fantastic. We ordered Spicy Korean Chicken which smelled and looked good. It was spicy and the chicken was perfectly cooked. Tasted great.  Next I ordered Chicken Burger and it was superb. Minced chicken between two thin chicken slices with tomatoes and the greens all stuffed inside a soft bun.  Next came the Chilli Pork. This one was not as spicy as the Spicy Korean Chicken, but tasted equally good. Had a distinct Smokey flavor to it and came in a generous quantity. The highlight was Ginger grass lemon drink. excellent


Overall Jimmy Hu is a great hangout. The food is superb and comes in good quantity. I wish there were more items in the menu.

Rating: 5/5
Highly recommended


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