Over hyped place. Classic example.  The rolls are more expensive than other places, the flavors are alright. All in all not worth all the hype. One can get much better roomali rolls at a number of places and at a much better price point. The expectations increase, with the over hyped eatery,  and then you find out that the food is decent but there is no X factor here and it’s a regular joint with the same taste you get elsewhere. It’s your regular joint, something to have quickly and run. We had Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tikka Roll and Chicken Seekh kebab roll. Also go in for : Mutton seeks roll,  chicken roll & Chicken Biryani


This place is to be visited so that you can actually flaunt  about it, Yes I have been to “Khan Chacha “ and please do see the photos of the celebrities who have visited this place. They brag about celebrities visiting their place and we brag about visiting Khan Chacha and click selfies .

Rating: 3.5/5

Coming up next: Barcellos


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