Smokeys bbq and grill- Khan Market

Smokeys bbq and grill


Smokey’s offered indoor as well outdoor seating. Loved the view of Khan Market from the balcony & decided to sit there. Everything about this place is impressive. The ambient theme oozes class and simplicity. The interiors boast of wooden furnishings with luxury-car-like leather cushioning with tiled flooring.
Must go in for:

The Sangria. The Sangria came with just big thin slices of apple & without any other fruit.

Assorted Burger Sliders, Grilled Fish Red Harissa & Old School Poutine with grilled chicken strips.
The Grilled Vegetables with Chimichuri

Spicy grilled chicken wings
Spiced bbq chicken and grilled pineapple salad
Above all: Pork ribs


Ranking: 5/5
Highly recommended

Coming up next: Khan Chacha


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