Khan market Food Trail-Amici Café

Khan Market Food Trail
Classy and posh, Khan Market is a favorite of the expat and diplomatic community. It is a most popular shopping destination in Delhi. It is a large U-shaped market with two parallel ‘U’s and some extensions. You will find excellent book shops, up-market boutiques, opticians, grocers, tailors, brand showrooms, lifestyle stores, etc here & There are also a couple of boutiques selling up-market household furnishings. Across the road are shops that specialize mainly in lighting. You will also find many eating joints: cafes, restaurants, bakeries and street-food corners.

One of the best eating joint in entire Khan Market. The place is best known for wood fired Pizzas. This place has got something really amazing, located adjacent to khan chacha, and you will never be bored coming here time and again…be it their food, hospitality or soothing ambience… Amici is a Latin word meaning “friends”. The decor of Amici at Khan Market has a European feel with wooden tables and chairs, open windows, high tables etc.



Apart from the pizzas, Amici also offers a variety of Panini sandwiches, pastas & salads, garlic bread and beverages such as shakes, smoothies, various coffee based drinks and more.


Rating: 5/5
Highly recommended

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