Hyderabad, also known as the Pearl City offers a variety of tourist attractions and one of its highlights is its Hyderabadi Biryani. There are many places in the city that serve delicious Biryani and given below is a list of places you must definitely visit while on your quest to find the yummiest Biryani in Hyderabad. The following list is randomly selected. Caution: The article is not for faint hearted; calories conscious and diet followers.


1.     Bawarchi: There are many regulars who still swear by the biryani that Bawarchi has to offer. It is considered to be one of the best biryani joint in the twin cities. The biryani is spiced right, the rice spreads beautifully and the meat, tender. The biryanis make a complete, value-for-money meal. They also provide the perfect ambience with its spacious and comfortable dining area. You can indulge in delicious chicken, mutton, vegetable and egg biryanis in the relaxed dining area of the restaurant or have your biryanis at home by opting for takeaways.
2.     Paradise: This one started as a small cafe, serving tea and snacks and has now transformed into a palatial restaurant, synonymous with food, serving traditional Hyderabadi and Indian. This is one of the most well-known biryani destinations with many takeaway junctions in the city and also in other parts of the country.
3.     Shadab: Situated in the very crowded area. If you are the one of those who loves to hang out in the by-lanes of old city then Shadab is the place for you. The biryani (mutton and chicken) here is a must-have as are the kebabs (Reshmi, Tangdi, Hara Bhara Chicken). They also serve delicious Haleem but only during the month of Ramzaan.
4.     Shah Gouse: Don’t go looking for ambiance in this busy two-storied cafe ,just concentrate on tucking into some delicious biryani, haleem and Hyderabadi cuisine. The biryani here is definitely delicious, the rice well-cooked, the spices proportionate, and the meat oh-so-tender and smooth. To cap it all, the service is quick. Worth visiting.
5.     4 Seasons:  has a variety of egg, vegetarian, fish, mutton and chicken biryanis. There is also an Arabic version of mutton biryani called Kabsa Laham, which comes with two enormous pieces of mutton, and besides a saffron tint, is spiked with raisins and nuts.
6.     Hyderabad House: Hyderabad House has been quite popular with food lovers in Hyderabad and is considered a landmark destination for a fine dining experience. The USP of this restaurant is its accessibility from any part in the twin cities. Although mostly frequented for takeaways and home deliveries, most outlets have a few covers and the ambience is one of basic minimum fuss. The most popular takeaways have got to be the mutton and chicken biryanis and the good thing is that they do all sorts of portions, beginning with regular, large and family pack for four. The portions are decently sized not to mention yummy. Must try
Also go in for Pista House, Cafe Bahar, Parvez Hotel and many others

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